Dance Classes

Beginning Classes
This class is for first year students. This class is one hour a week and includes: Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. Students are required to wear a leotard and tights. They need pink Ballet shoes (not slippers) and black tap shoes.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes
Classes are based on ability and not necessarily age. Audition or appointment only. Appropriate dance attire required.
Classes are in all subjects, including:
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Pointe, Hawaiian, Hip Hop, and Gymnastics. Both individual subjects and combination classes are available.

Gymnastics is 1 hour, once a week. The concentration is on tumbling skills, but we do include a low balance beam and mini tramp. All students must get permission of the instructor before enrolling.

Adult Classes
Adult classes are offered in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap. Adults can take individual subjects or combination classes. We have several levels.

Other Classes Available
Hawaiian, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, Private Lessons, Competition Classes, Technique Classes